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8, dumas, Lloyd. New York: Simon Schuster, 1999. "Deforestation of mountain slopes in Java began to be perceived as a problem around 1850. "Wenn uns der Mond die Sonne nimmt: Die totale Sonnenfinsternis. The 20th Century and Works Covering More Than One of Divisions II-V. London: Michael O'Mara, 1999. But he also commented on how "curiously disturbing" it was that "we remember only belatedly and with hesitation the suffering that came to Germans during the

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war." Grass claimed that only in the margins was it possible to read stories of the. "Ansichten von Welt und Kosmos: Ein historischer Bilderbogen.

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After broad public debate, a majority in the parliament determined that in the center of Berlina city that with the end of the EastWest division of the Cold War had resumed its former prominence as a major capital in the center of Europea monument would. Inventive Spirit: Alberta Patents from. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Technology and Culture 43 Supplement (2002) 5-121, access article in PDF,. Sebald, a German expatriate at home in England since 1966 but intellectually and emotionally never far from the country of his origin, turned his attention to the strategic bombing war of British and American flyers against German cities. Forest Service personnel were also heavily involved in the organized conservation movement dating from the 1910s. London and New York: Routledge, in association with the Open Univ., 1999. Xii, 372 pages; tables. "Le chariot à main Iranien.

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10, fox, Robert, and Anna Guagnini, eds. (Iranian hand-carts: Means of transportation, technical rationality and state logic.) Examines the historical and cultural symbolism of the hand cart in Iran, with an attempt to explain its continued use today. 17 Hoffmann, Dieter; Benot Severyns; and Raymond. In 1992, Helke Sander's film. Lethal Arrogance: Human Fallibility and Dangerous Technologies. "Vom Weltbild zum Bild der Welt: Wie die Kosmologie Entstehung und Strukturen des Universums erklärt. Kultur Technik 23,. Too little was done too late, but the measures taken preserved some 'nature' that otherwise would have been lost, and created a framework that is still being used today."from the abstract. "Vom Bergmann zum Spielzeugmacher: Zur Kultur- und Sozialgeschichte des deutschen Erzgebirges. BeFreier und Befreite (Liberators take liberties) presented the past of the thousands of German rape victims of Red Army soldiers at the war's end.

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Some fifty years after the end of World War II, many Germans, including leading politicians, public intellectuals, architects, journalists, writers and historians discussed the most effective way to memorialize the Holocaust, mourn Jewish victims of the Nazi state and signify to themselves and the rest. It seems to have left scarcely a trace of pain behind in the collective consciousness." He described "a kind of taboo like a shameful family secret, a secret that perhaps could not even be privately acknowledged surrounding the "darkest aspects of the final act. Günter Grass, arguably Germany's best-known writer, agreed. Laboratories, Workshops, and Sites: Concepts and Practices of Research in Industrial Europe. 180 pages; illustrations; portraits. Ii, 214 pages; illustrations. Berkeley: Office for History of Science and Technology, Univ. Der Anschnitt: Zeitschrift für Kunst und Kultur im Bergbau 51, nos.